The summer holidays are when families meet and spend quality time together. However, if you have teenagers, this can be a challenging time. Teens are at an age where they’re trying to find themselves and their place in the world. They may be moody, withdrawn, and hard to connect with. So, how can you survive a family holiday with teens and enjoy it? Here are sure tips:

#1. Plan Ahead

Make sure every family member’s age, interests, and physical abilities are considered when making plans. Discuss locations, things to do, how long the holiday will be, cost, methods of transport, etc. That will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility for the trip. You can also use this time to discuss your expectations for them during the holiday.

#2. Be Flexible

Families consist of individuals with different needs and want. Therefore, it’s essential to be flexible and accommodate everyone as much as possible. Put yourselves in their shoes and remember what it was like to be a teenager.

#3. Set Some Ground Rules

It’s necessary to set some ground rules before the holiday starts. That will help everyone feel more comfortable and avoid arguments or disagreements during the vacation. Discuss things like curfew, bedtime, screen time, spending money, etc.

#4. Encourage Them to Be Independent

Teens are trying to find independence, so encourage them to be as independent as possible during the holiday. That could mean letting them plan their activities, giving them some space, or letting them make their own decisions.

#5. Let them bring a friend

If your teenager is struggling to connect with you or having a hard time on holiday, consider letting them bring a friend. That way, they’ll have someone to relate to and connect with. It can also help relieve some of the pressure on you.

#6. Don’t Control Them

While setting some ground rules is essential, consider giving your teenager some freedom. If you try to control them too much, it will only backfire. They’ll become resentful and rebel against you. So, try to strike a balance between rules and freedom.

#7. Create Time for Connection

It’s quite important to make time to connect with your teen daily. They need to feel seen, heard, and valued, and you can achieve that through conversation, shared activities, or simply spending time together.

#8. Be Prepared For Moodiness

Adolescents are known for being moody, and that’s normal. However, don’t take it personally and try not to get too upset. Instead, be understanding and patient. Remember that they’re going through many changes emotionally and physically, and it’s not always easy for them.

#9. Allow for Extra Time and Delays

Teens are known for being late, so you will probably need more time to travel from one point to another. In addition, they may need more rest time, breaks, and time to get ready in the morning. So, be patient and allow for these things.

#10. Communicate Openly

Make an effort to communicate and connect with your teenager during the holiday. Talk about your day, their day, their feelings, what they enjoyed, and concerns you may have. That way, you can stay on the same page and resolve any issues that come up.

#11. Have a Variety of Activities to Fight Boredom

Teenagers need stimulation to stay engaged, so it’s necessary to have a variety of activities planned. It can include outdoor activities, sightseeing, visiting amusement parks, going to the beach, etc. That way, they’re less likely to get bored and can find something that interests them.

#12. Show Some Encouragement

Encouragement goes a long way with teenagers. They need to feel supported and appreciated. So, take some time to praise them for their achievements, big or small. That will help boost their confidence and make them feel proud about themselves.

#13. Keep Their Routines as Normal as Possible

When having some fun on holiday, it’s crucial to keep your teenager’s routine as normal as possible. That means maintaining a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy meals, and getting enough exercise.

#14. Wi-Fi is Key

Wi-Fi is vital for teenagers. They need it to stay connected with their friends and on social media. So, ensure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and plenty of data. You might even want to get a portable hotspot so they can always be connected.

#15. Set Some Holiday Goals

It can be helpful to set some goals for the holiday so that you and your teenager can have something to work towards. Try to make the goals realistic and achievable. For example, you could set a goal to visit one new place each day or try a new activity every week.

#16. Have Fun

Don’t let the challenges of parenting teens ruin your holiday. The holidays are a time to relax, connect, and enjoy each other’s company. So, enjoy your time together and make memories that will last a lifetime.

#17. Get Help if You Need It

If you’re struggling to manage your teenager during the holiday or are concerned about your teenager’s mental health or well-being, don’t be afraid to seek help. Talk to other parents, a therapist, or your teenager’s doctor. There are also many helplines available if you need someone to talk to.

The Takeaway

The summer holidays can be an excellent time for families to bond and create lasting memories. However, you should be prepared for the challenges that come with parenting teenagers. By following these tips, you can make the most of your time together and have an enjoyable holiday.

Published On: June 21st, 2022 / Categories: Relationship, Tips /

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