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Tatjana Simakova MA APCP IACAT

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

“I previously thought that I had no control over the hurricanes of thoughts in mind: it turns out that I do. I learned to control my negative and repetitive thoughts and emotions by practicing Tatjana’s approach. Thanks a million.”


“I am able to enjoy my life more thanks to the support I got from Tatjana. I no longer feel controlled; I am in control of my life now. I have focus and direction because of the space I was given to explore what I really wanted in my life.”


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I can help you/your child to:

  • find your strength within
  • deal with feelings of anxiety and worry
  • manage negative ruminating thoughts
  • take bullying issues under control
  • find joy in day-to-day living
  • deal with depressive episodes and mood swings
  • find a solution to flashbacks from past traumatic events and PTSD
  • resolve self-identity questions
  • overcome suicidal thoughts and/or self-harming behaviour
  • resolve parent-child relationship and attachment issues

Orchard Welness Center, 1 St. Anthony’s Terrace, Harmony Row, Ennis, Co. Clare

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