Mindfulness Through Art Workshops

Learn to Meditate and be Creative!

“A work of art really is above all, an adventure of the mind.”
– Eugene Ionesco

“Mindfulness through Art” workshops are designed to aid personal growth through mindful creativity. The workshops are a wonderful way to turn off our ‘busy’ minds, get messy and create without expectations; to simply be in the moment.

Some people come because they simply love art and wish to tap into a reserve of creative energy. Others come because they are going through a challenging time and hope to process emotions, learn coping skills, relax and heal.

I guide this journey of self-discovery with a series of questions. The workshops are a calm and supportive space in which to share our stories, should we wish to. No previous experience of mindfulness, meditation or art required, as we learn techniques during the workshops. The focus on finding joy in the process, rather than results.

I provide the art materials. Anyone can participate; no artistic skills are required.

“The workshop was wonderful. Life changing for me. I enjoyed the meditations and art making exercises. And I became aware of the part of myself that was hidden before. Thank you for these experiences. You are so confident. Your voice is so soothing and easy to listen to.”


Six-week Mindfulness Trough Art Workshops

“Mindfulness Through Art” Workshops is a six-week programme (workshops run one evening a week for 6 weeks, each one lasting 2 hours), where we work with a variety of media and techniques. Each session features a guided mindfulness meditation. We create images and use our artworks to spark a discussion on self-discovery.

Pre-registration is required as places are limited.

See details on payment and cancellations policy here.

Tatjana Simakova

Tatjana Simakova

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