Family Therapy


At times, familial dynamics can pose challenges, and our goal is to provide a supportive and constructive environment for families to navigate and overcome these difficulties.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a specialised form of psychotherapeutic intervention designed to address and resolve conflicts within family units. It recognises that individual challenges often manifest in the context of family relationships. Our approach involves working collaboratively with families to identify and understand underlying issues, improve communication, and develop effective coping strategies.

How does Family Therapy work?

A skilled therapist employs a variety of evidence-based techniques tailored to each family’s unique needs. Through open dialogue, active listening, and targeted interventions, they facilitate a deeper understanding of familial dynamics. The ultimate aim is to strengthen connections, promote empathy, and foster a more supportive and harmonious family environment.

Benefits of Family Therapy:

Improved Communication: Enhance your family’s ability to communicate openly and effectively, fostering mutual understanding.

Conflict Resolution: Learn constructive ways to address conflicts and build healthier relationships among family members.

Emotional Support: Provide a safe space for family members to express their feelings and concerns without judgment.

Crisis Management: Develop strategies to navigate crises and challenges as a united front, promoting resilience.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Equip your family with valuable skills to solve problems and make decisions collaboratively.

Who can benefit from Family Therapy?

Family therapy is suitable for families facing a wide range of challenges, including:

Parent-Child Relationship Issues: Address conflicts and enhance the parent-child bond.

Communication Breakdowns: Overcome barriers to effective communication within the family.

Life Transitions: Navigate changes such as divorce, remarriage, or the arrival of a new family member.

Behavioural Issues: Work together to address and manage problematic behaviours within the family.

Grief and Loss: Support each other through difficult times and manage the impact of loss on family dynamics.

Blended Family Challenges: Build understanding and connection within blended families.

Taking the Next Step

If you are ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, more harmonious family life, our family therapy services are here for you. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to helping your family thrive. Contact us today to schedule a session and take the first step towards positive change.

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“I am able to enjoy my life more thanks to the support I got from Tatjana. I no longer feel controlled; I am in control of my life now. I have focus and direction because of the space I was given to explore what I really wanted in my life.”


Issues that I can help with

  • Abuse: Domestic Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Violence

  • Trauma: Childhood Trauma, Post-Traumatic Symptoms

  • Depression: Situational Depression, Bereavement, Lack of Motivation and Apathy

  • Self-Worth: Self-Esteem Issues/Self-Confidence, Resilience Skills, Self-Harm

  • Fears: Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour

  • Relationships: Relationship Breakdown, Relationship Difficulties, Parent-Child Relationship

  • Stress: Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Traumatic Events, Work-Related Issues, Work-Life Balance

  • Suicide: Suicidal Ideations/Thoughts, Suicide Bereavement

Tatjana Simakova

Tatjana Simakova

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