Parenting Excellence: Navigating Teen Challenges

Led by Tatjana Simakova
Nov 29th : 6pm-8pm

This Workshop is Ideal for:

????‍????‍????‍???? Parents of Teenagers: If you have teenagers at home and want to navigate their unique challenges with confidence.

???? Working Parents: Balancing a career while raising a family? Gain insights on achieving work-life harmony.

???? Anyone Seeking Stronger Family Bonds: Whether you’re a new parent or have kids of any age, this workshop will help you foster meaningful connections with your family.

???? Parents Looking for Support: Connect with a supportive community of parents, share experiences, and learn from experts.

Minimum cost: Only €20 for those who follows us on social media.

Please PM for more information on how you can join this amazing workshop.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, our workshop offers valuable insights and practical tools to help you thrive. ????????‍????‍????‍????

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Join Our Interactive Parenting Workshop!

Are you ready to take your parenting skills to the next level? Our dynamic workshop, "Parenting Brilliance: Navigating Teen Challenges, Achieving Work-Life Harmony, and Strengthening Family Bonds," is designed to empower you with practical strategies and hands-on tools.

Workshop Highlights

???? Segment 1: “Teen Challenges” – Unlock insights on understanding and effectively managing the unique challenges that come with raising teenagers. Engage in interactive discussions and gain actionable advice.

???? Segment 2: “Work-Life Harmony” – Discover innovative ways to balance your professional and family life, with practical time management techniques. You’ll receive customisable handouts for real-world application.

????‍????‍????‍???? Segment 3: “Strengthening Family Bonds” – Dive into creative family bonding activities and communication exercises. Leave with a toolkit of engaging family time ideas.

???? Resourceful Handouts: Attendees will receive comprehensive handouts and materials for each segment, enabling you to implement what you’ve learned immediately.

???? Interactive Learning: Connect with fellow parents, share experiences, and gain insights from our expert facilitators. Interactive Q&A sessions ensure your specific questions are addressed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your parenting journey. Join us in building a stronger, more connected family. Secure your spot now! ????????‍????‍????‍????

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