Art Therapy has proven to be an effective technique for treating Anger Management issues in kids. Expressionistic in its nature, it provides kids with an outlet to harmlessly express their anger and even potentially unlock emotions that they (and you) may not have known about.

The materials you and your child will need are:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Clay modeling tools (optional)

Before you start the exercise discuss the following questions with your child:

  • What sensations do they have in their body when they are angry?
  • Where do they feel these sensations?

Remember: there is no such thing as a right or wrong way to create art.

Now that both of you are ready, follow these steps:

  • Ask your child to make an “angry” object or animal out of clay.
  • Ask them to describe what this enraged object or animal is attempting to protect (or what it is afraid of).
  • You can join your child and create your own anger.
  • Make this exercise a ‘heartpooring’ conversation. You might be surprised by what you learn about your child and yourself during this exercise.

Clay work is a kinesthetic experience that relieves tension, stimulates energy, and aids in its release through movement.

Published On: July 31st, 2022 / Categories: Child, Psychological Issues, Psychotherapy Approaches /

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